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  1. MatiaS

    Streamlining the Work

    I'm sorry if this kind of thread already exists, in which case if someone could post some links pertaining to my thoughts on this, it would be greatly appreciated. I guess the basics of what I'm thinking about comes to; how to be more efficient in doing the Work, i.e how to actually do the Work...
  2. Lathyrus

    Discerning Truth from Fiction (in Dreams)

    Hello everyone. I'm not really sure which section this would better go on, on this page or in 'The Work' section, but given its relevance to dream work I thought it would maybe be most appropriate here. If the moderators think differently they can do whatever they'd like with it. Anyway, I...
  3. C

    Are Hindu Gods same as 4D STS Lizzies or Orions?

    Hello Laura and team, My sincere thanks to you for all the transcripts published by the group - more than 360 and counting. I have been regularly going through the previous transcripts over the years (I have already read the Wave series, High Strangeness, SHOTW Vol 1 and 2 etc). I would like to...
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